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Consultant for Arrow Strategies at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
April, 2010 - October, 2011

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Using the Apache Struts framework, LDAP and a mainframe DB2 database and working in Rational Application Developer (RAD), we designed and built a system to allow BCBSM to provide prescription copay information to its new prescription drug provider, Medco, so that Medco could accurately bill both BCBSM and the BCBSM insured customer.

Due to contract requirements with BCBSM's outgoing prescription drug supplier and with incoming Medco, the timeline for this project, dubbed "Automated Group Load", or "AGL", was very aggressive. We were originally supposed to launch in September, 2010. We launched in July, 2010.

I designed and wrote the entire customer interface.

The application was called the Automated Group Load, or "AGL". It was euphemistically referred to as "AGLlite", because much of the desired ultimate functionality had to be pared away to meet the aggressive schedule. Additionally, the customers were not certain what functionality they would require, because they did not know, fully, what information Medco would require. The ultimate goal was to eventually create a "FullAGL". As time passed and the requirements became clear, FullAGL, as originally designed, was scrapped and a new project was started to implement the changes necessary, now that the customer understood the final requirements from Medco.

That project was called "HybridAGL". Starting with what began as AGLlite, we added all the required new functionality and refined the original functionality to better suit our customers' needs. We were ready to launch on schedule in January, 2012.