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Ciber@Ford Motor Company
Arrow Strategies@Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
The Judge Group@DaimlerChrysler
Kmart Corporation
CDP@Ford Motor Company
Handleman Company
United States Marine Corps
Consultant with Comprehensive Data Processing (CDP) at Ford Motor Company
June, 1994 - August, 1995

CDP Consultant at Ford Motor Company I assisted in the rewrite of a warehouse management and scanning system at the Ford Parts Redistribution Center in Brownstown Township, Michigan. We converted the application from EDL on the IBM Series/1 to C with Oracle 7 database on the IBM RS/6000 running AIX. We used a code translator from Datatrend, of Minnetonka, Minnesota, which converted EDL code into C and Series/1 $IAM calls into Oracle SQL statements. I helped validate the code and corrected deficiencies in the C code generated by Datatrend's code translator.