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Ciber@Ford Motor Company
Arrow Strategies@Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
The Judge Group@DaimlerChrysler
Kmart Corporation
CDP@Ford Motor Company
Handleman Company
United States Marine Corps
Programmer / Analyst at Handleman Company
August, 1989 - June, 1994

The Handleman Company 'Ticket' At Handleman, I primarily designed and developed barcoded labels, called "tickets", on the IBM Series/1 in IBM's Event Driven Language (EDL) and Series/1 Assembly Language. I wrote to print tickets and maintain the data from which the tickets were generated coded in QMS Magnum V, for the C.Itoh Ion Deposition in its native language and in Esselte Meto's Kodescript for its LIS 1120 tag and label printer.

During my time at the Handleman Company, I also taught myself the C programming language, into which I converted the EDL code to generate the tickets and ran on PC's running Microsoft DOS and IBM OS/2 2.1.