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July, 1998 - Present

Java Programming Language I began programming in Java in 1998 with version 1.1.8. Since then, I have used most aspects of the Java language, from AWT to Swing, JDBC to SQLJ2, Applets, Servlets and JSP's. I'm learning Android, now.

I have programmed Java from the command line in UNIX using the vi editor, in Notepad on Windows systems, using cool tools such as Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and various incarnations of WebSphere Application Developer.

I have written Java applications which have run on PC's, on PDA's (using PersonalJava), on the IBM "mainframe" and on Ford's High-Performance Computing environment (super-computer).

I have used third-party application frameworks such as Struts and Spring; and, IBM's WebSphere application server.